Jeremy Hoffman
Jeremy Hoffman

Squat: 365
Bench Press: 275
Deadlift: 415
Four year varsity baseball player
College baseball at Oakton Community College


Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology Masters of Science in Kinesiology

Speed Development Specialist

Jeremy Hoffman

Throughout my life, I have participated in many different sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, and baseball. During this time, there was no such thing as speed or strength development in the organizations I played for. As I grew up, I learned very quickly the importance of these and took advantage of every chance I had to become better. I developed a passion for coaching from my high school strength and conditioning coach when I saw the relationships he made with the athletes. It became a family environment and that was what I wanted to be a part of ever since.

When I was in high school, I only kept my grades up enough to keep playing baseball. I didn't have a plan for my future and was contemplating joining the military. One day I realized that that was not the path I wanted to take. After I found my passion for coaching, I kept my eyes on that goal and have not stopped working towards it ever since. I developed a passion for school and learning and I am a sponge to any person within this field so I can continue to develop my coaching skills
My purpose for coaching is to be a part of any athlete's journey. I aspire to be someone who an athlete can say helped them become better, not only while training but also as a person outside of their sport as well.